Re: To all those who whine and complain about Starbucks

They certainly ARE the only electric vacpot currently being sold, at least
in the US market (there may be some 100V machines for the Japanese market).
Starbucks dropped their version. The B&D Infuze is no longer being made and
while the Amazon page may still be up, you can't order them any more. Even
if you could, it would be a bad idea since you can't get replacement
filters, gaskets, etc. I think it's a better idea to keep the electronics &
hot plates & brewing vessels separate so that when one breaks you don't have
to chuck the whole assembly. After the next atomic war, all that will remain
will be cockroaches and my Nicro stainless vacpot. The old line electric
vacpots were remarkably durable (if lacking in electronic sophistication),
but they were made of chromed brass in the golden age of American
manufacturing, not of Chinese plastic. I suspect B&D pulled theirs because
they were losing money on all the returns and warranty repairs.

"Steve Ackman" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
...and Bodum's certainly not the only company making
them today. For instance, it seems amazon is still
selling the Infuze.