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On Jan 3, 9:29 am, shane <shane.ol...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I like Starbucks.  So what if their coffees are not the world's best.
Their coffee is better than many of the other offerings and it keeps
everyone's standards up.
Starbucks business philosophy is great to.  They offer health care to
all of their employee's and seem to treat them well.   Starbucks has
amazing customer service.  This morning I was out of coffee, didn't
make time to roast, so I decided to use a Starbucks gift card that I
had gotten for Christmas.  A nice lady in a green apron came over and
helped me pick out a coffee.  After I had decided on their new special
blend, I mentioned that I wished they had smaller packages than a
pound.  A whole pound of roasted coffee last me way too long.   She
them proceded to break open a bag of coffee and sold me a half pound.
  I have called and gotten small parts for my Barista espresso
machine. Even though I told them I got it second hand and it was years
out of warrenty they still sent me what I needed at no charge.
  Many of the independant coffee places in my area try really hard, a
few are better and a few are worse, but Starbucks seems to have set
the bar.


You nailed it Shane.

It is not all bout just the product, its about having motivated
employees, excellent standards, cutomer focus and great supervision.

Hmmm, let me think . . . .   Sounds like most sucessful companies- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

I dunno. Sounds like a bunch of mangiacakes who come accross Burger
King and think they found culinary heaven.
Please! Wake up and smell some real coffee!


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