Howdy Mate!
Most folks can find used or N.O.S. PIDs on eBay. Depending on what you want
to do, a PID will cost ~$50, a solid state relay ~$10, a TC ~$10, enclosure
~$15, and various wire & connectors ~$10. Assembling the parts is the
hardest part of doing a PID conversion. Figure ~4 hours to do the actual
work if it's your first time.

Piece of cake; can't figure why anyone would mail their machine to someone
to do the work for them. Same folks, I'm guessing here, that have a $1000
espresso machine sitting on their counter at home and still go to Starbuck's
for their morning latte.

Robert Harmon
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"wavemechanic" <dinner@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
In the spirit of sharing that usenet is supposedly all about, could you
(or anyone) please tell me where I can get myself one of these N.O.S. PID
units for my Faema Family? Or even a used one? I don't really want to buy
a kit, I'd like to learn by doing- like you must have once upon a time.

Of course, once I get my hands on it, I'll be back to ask how to hook it

Greetings from sunny Melbourne, Australia