Re: When all is wrong = good

lockjaw wrote:

On Sep 9, 3:24 pm, Godzilla <godzi...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My shots on the PID Silvia have been pretty good lately, but a
little bitter. Today, I experimented by first turning the PID temp
down from 229.5 to 228.0 (the original setting.) Perhaps I have
been taking Dr. Johns (Malabar Gold) instructions too literally
when he called for a higher extraction temperature for his blend.

Using the naked portafilter, it started blonding quite early, so I
stopped at only 18 seconds. And, it tasted MARVELOUS!

As the King of Siam said: It is a puzzlement.



IMO, 228 is WAY way too high.

I use 219 / 220 on my silv.


You may have given me a clue for further experimentation, Dave.
Now, I see myself pulling the next seven or eight shots at declining
1 degree F intervals and evaluating the result each time.