Re: 10 Days Left to Enter HomeRoaster Building Contest

"Dan Bollinger" <danNObollinger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
So if someone builds areal cool winning roaster they get to replace it
with an RK drum and motor???
No disrespect to Ron and his roasters.

Hey, is doing the best we can with what we have. It's not
like we are funded by a foundation grant! Most of the prizes are coming
from the admins pocket's. Ron was gracious enough to offer his roaster as
a prize. Since it has the highest cash value it became first prize. Now if
you would like to donate something, say, $500 we'll be pleased to offer
the first place winner something else. PayPal is acceptable. Dan

My apologies Dan, no offence intended. It is just a little ironic. And you
are right very gracious of Ron to come to the party. Just if I built up a
roaster that i was quite proud of and it was good enough to win i don't know
that a prize of another roaster would be of interest to me. (am just digging
a bigger hole for myself here).
Now 100lbs of Tom's best offerings. But Ron came to the party Tom didn't.