Re: Zaffiro or Andreja

You have a great grinder from what I have read in many different
posts, but I have no personal experience.

As for the choice between the Andreja and Zaffirio, I have a Quickmill
Alexia, which by everything I can find is the same as the Zaffirio.

If you have some way to steam milk on a stovetop steamer or if your
wife is not picky about having her espresso sit for a minute or two
while the single boiler heats up in the Zaffirio, then I would go with
the Zaffirio. The Zaf is less complicated than the Andreja and easy to
tinker with, like adding a PID. The Alexia (Zaffirio) makes awesome
shots of espresso, but steaming is not its strong point.

If you want instant steam with your espresso shot, then the Andreja is
the way to go. The heat exchanger needs a little more maintenance
(descaling seems like it would be a pain) but allows you to pull great
shots after a little temperature surfing to get the super-heated water
out of the exchanger before you brew. But then you have instant steam
to make your capp.

Your choice, depending on what you need. If it was me, I'd go with the
Zaffirio (or Quickmill Alexia) because I drink shots only, and I have
an old stovetop steamer that I use to make my wife's drink.