home machine musings

The postings this week seem a bit slow. Once again I find myself
pondering what I actually need in a home espresso machine. Currently
I am using a Starbucks Barista, with a Saeco non-pressurized
portafilter and a Mazzer mini grinder.
At one point I had thought I needed a bigger machine. This was
before I ever really touched a commercial espresso machine. My church
has installed a 2 group La Cimbali machine and I get to run it
periodically. Comparing what I can make on either machine, I find
that, I can indeed produce as good an espresso and or latte on the
Barista as I can on the La Cimbali.
I do find that the grinder and beans make the biggest difference in
the making of an espresso. The only advantage to moving up from the
Barista, would be the ability to make a larger quantity of drinks,
when I have a party.
So, currently my thinking is to keep the Barista until it dies or I
find a deal on a machine that I cannot pass up.