Re: Espresso Machine For Home Use


After HOURS of reading reviews, I ended up with the Saeco Classic, picked it up on Ebay for around $135 and it makes a decent cup as long as you have a good grinder and get the non-pressurized PF for it. Buy a reasonable machine and put the extra $$ into your grinder, if you buy a cheap grinder, no espresso machine in the world will work as you hope.

In another year or so I'll upgrade to a Silvia.



LF wrote:
On Jun 30, 9:47 pm, Lucygrace <lucygr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Been lurking a little while... I wondered if anyone here could recommend
a decent machine for home use. I would like to be able to steam milk for
either caps or lattes and not spend a year's salary on it.


See Robert Harmons 6/29 post on Costco's Gaggia Baby D for $330. If
you don't have one, get a good grinder too.