Re: Coffee Documentary-Friday-NGEO!!

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The National Geographic Channel is showing a documentary entitled,
"Coffee: Beans to Buzz" on Friday night at 7-8p.m.e.s.t.

The NGEO webstite states this about the show:

Coffee: Beans to Buzz
Coffee: Beans to Buzz [TV -PG L]
Friday, June 1, 2007, at 07P

Coffee is second only to oil as the most traded commodity in the
world. And in the U.S., about 60 percent of the population drinks it
regularly, spending over $20 billion a year. This essential morning
beverage delivers some of the highest doses of the world's most widely
taken legal drug. From the forests of Ethiopia to 17th century
coffeehouses in Vienna to the ubiquitous Starbucks cafe on almost
every corner, coffee haswielded influence over kingdoms, plantations
and corporations worldwide.

I saw this awhile back. If I can recall, they expounded alot about
the caffeine pushing Siren, as the synopsis of the show alludes to.

Even so, it was one of the better shows about coffee. A little more
history than some I have seen.