Re: Roasting for sweeter Coffee

Sometimes, in my drum roaster, if I am doing a darker roast, whether for
espresso or whatever, I literally turn off the heat at the first sign of
second crack and let the roast coast to the end point. I want it 'cooked'
darker, but I don't want it burnt.
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"RobvL" <wontwork@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Randy are you sure he didn't mean 5 minutes from the start of 1st to the
start of 2nd, not from the end of1st to the start of 2nd. If ever i have a
crackless 5 minute gap between cracks (low gas pressure from a near empty
bottle) the coffee has been decidely flat and liveless in flavor. Yeah i
know my roaster is a fluid air roaster but i haven't told the beans that.