Re: Schomer in businessweek

"Marshall" <mrfuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Schomer is a godfather to shop owners all over
the country. Through his book and video evangelizing he has
demonstrably improved the quality of espresso in this country. Two of
the best espresso shops in L.A. are run by Schomer-trained acolytes.
His contributions are real, and it is a serious underestimation to
describe him as some kind of media cartoon character.


Honestly, Marshall, I think you overstate Schomer's impact. He was early,
he got some things right, but he also got a number of things either wrong or
was so rigid about them that he tried to rewrite the rules in a way that
allowed only one way when there are many.

There are a lot of guiding lights in high end espresso these days. He has
one approach and it works if you buy into it. But there are many other
approaches. His stature has gone down over time as it has become clear that
his is but one of many approaches and in some ways his approach is so rigid
that it relegates him to the middle or back of the current pack.