Re: Schomer in businessweek

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On 23 Feb 2007 04:20:28 -0800, "daveb" <davebobblane@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Carping from some envious minions (fox, jarrett et al) who resent
Schomer's success and well-deserved fame.

good for you, Schomer, I say.

You're an idiot.

It was well documented here (by Sr. Gomes, IIRC) that the PID was
discussed here in detail well before Schomer appeared to take credit
for his 'discovery.' Search the archives for the details, as sketchy
as they may be.

There was more then one person I spoke to who had spoken to Mr.
Schomer at one of the SCAA shows (can't remember now if it was Seattle
or Charlotte) and his attitude and manner were described in a negative
way. I wanted to talk to him about the use of PID on my home machine
and his response was received by me as a lot of things, none of them
positive. It just may be his manner, but after his response I had no
more need to talk to him. I really wanted to try to learn something
but his response was not conducive of such a conversation. if I were
to try to put a non-insulting name to it, I would call his attitude
condescending, and that is being kind.

I suppose, for good or bad, you could say that he is a business man
who knows a lot about coffee, and not a coffee person who does well in

Of course, in a positive light, he has never spammed this group, so
I'll applaud him for that!

Randy "not enough patience to like everyone" G.