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Excuse me, but the article did not credit Schomer with the idea of a PID
controling the temp, ony that he implemented the change to his machine at
that time.

you are correct. i confess that my objectivity in reading a
schomer-centric article mentioning PIDs is skewed by my empirical
familiarity with the topic. the tone of the article struck me as one
of "david solved these problems", not "david implemented solutions to
these problems".

I especially liked the part of the article where it was stated that the
correct temperature for making espresso was precisely 203.5F, presumably
also a David Schomer discovery. Perhaps his plonk is more drinkable at that
temperature, but that's not true for anything I'd voluntarily drink myself.


Carping from some envious minions (fox, jarrett et al) who resent
Schomer's success and well-deserved fame.

good for you, Schomer, I say.