Re: Bodum Antigua Grinder - Tweak Now Requires Security Screwdriver

Here's what the screw looks like:


I haven't yet found a screwdriver or bit that can turn the screw. I
spotted one on, but it's restricted and can't be exported to
the US (where I am). That's because the TP3 screw is considered a
security screw. Great.

Looks like the screw that stops one taking the gears out of a Brio steam
engine when it's been in the sandpit and the gears have got a bit, er, not
very fast. Also like the screw that you need to undo to put a piece of
tissue paper over the loudspeaker on a certain v noisy truck. Necessity was
the mother of adaption.

I overcame the problem by taking an old screwdriver and grinding the tip
into a triangle.

Dunno if it will work on the bodum.


ken "yep - me" wilson