Brewing with Cuisinart 12 cup

I've started roasting with the Fresh Roast +, and I am using a
Capresso burr mill grinder. I am using the Cuisinart to bre the
coffee. I am using the paper filters because we do not like the
debris in the bottom of the cup. Since the Cuisinart delivers to the
cup from the bottom of its reservoir, that first cup gets a large dose
of any solids. We are also not into espresso, at least not yet.

I like a strong cup of coffee but not with a burnt flavor like you get
with the dark roasts. I guess city + is where I am at. I am not sure
about the wife, because she is of the opinion that "Maxwell House from
the can is better than what I have been doing so far."

I got the FR+ from Sweet Maria's along with the 8 x 1/2 lb samples. I
have a little left of some of the samples, but to tell the truth it is
very hard to develop any consistancy with such a small amout of green
beans of any one type before you run out of it.

So I have ordered 2 lbs of Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley (DP), 2
lbs of Indonesian Organic SWP Komodo Blend(decaf), and splurged on 1
lb of Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Gesha.

Am I asking too much from the Cuisinart or the FR+?

Any suggested settings on the FR+?

How much grounds per cup(cuisinart scale) should I be using? The
basket only seems to be large enough to use 4 cup filters. It seems
to take a long time to brew with it. Should I not try to brew the
whole 12 cup capacity?

Help me win my wife over, please! I feel like I am close to getting a
better cup than canned coffee!