Re: ~9 bar volumetric 12v pump for a commercial machine?

matthew henschel wrote:

Hey Jack

The machine has a propane burner in addition the the 110v heating element. I'm planning on running just propane nad a 12v procon. Currently have the procon hooked up to 110v, and it's gravity fed from a water tank. No feed pump needed. Pressure recalibrated.

I've read references to the check valve. Why is this needed?



Be aware that machines running propane alone (or all the machines I've seen) always creep the pressure up during inactivity. Since the burner is always on but at a lower flame as the pressurestat closes the gas valve it is always heating, so needs careful adjustment and also some frequent use or pulling off of excess water. This assumes a propane kit similar to all the ones I've seen here, where there is no pilot light, just a main burner. Utilising a pilot light and a main burner valve that was on/off rather than the reducing pressure type I see in use here would alleviate this problem.

Regards, Danny (a purely hobby site)