Re: Leopord

Danny wrote:
GeeDubb wrote:

Yet you keep responding. I wouldn't know the guy still existed except for people like you that keep responding. You're just as bad as he is. Plonk this guy and get a cup of coffee.


Sorry, no can do. I didn't copy his post and I will continue to try and salvage this group. Apologies if this offends you - better killfile me as well.

I think the psots got lagged due to different timed newsreaders. Anyway, I understand what both of you are saying. If you note, I have not responded to the aforementioned miscreant in probably a year. I don't need to killfile or retort or whatever. Just not responding has been effective in my case. I appreciate those who maintain some civility like you, Danny, and many others. When one not only refuses to abide by the norms of a group in which one participates but actually escalates their rude and obnoxious behavior you can be certain there are deep issues. Best to just let it go and acknowledge the obvious. Again, Danny and the others, I appreciate your civility.