Re: CG Editors Choice

When I choose a product - it's about the product. Not about the vendor.
At all. Why would I even list the Scace device (which btw, contrary to
Terry's yahoo-posted Chicken and Egg scenario wasn't first - the PIDed
Silvia followed by an early Linea-based prototype of the GS/3 were
first) when I won't ever again list a link to TerryZ's company? I think
the Scace device is fantastic, and huge, massive kudos to Greg for it,
and it's why I listed it (though I hope one day he moves to someone
else to sell it besides Terry - then I'll buy one, instead of always
borrowing one).

Well I've been following this thread without comment, until now. I
feel I should respond specifically to the quoted text above. Terry
gave me encouragement to harden the device to the point that it could
be produced commercially. Terry has helped me to source services in the
USA that could help produce it, and Terry has a very good distribution
network that I don't have. My relationship with Terry has been quite
symbiotic and our dealings have been very straightforward. I like
Terry and I like the guys who are working for him. I'm very happy to
do business with him.

Mark, I'm quite honored that my thermometer was considered for such an

Now I gotta say that coffee ain't that large a community. Dunno what
you two got going and I don't really care. But just look at where we
are going in terms of coffee quality, what with the stuff that's come
out of this group in the past, disseminating it through the third wave,
improvements in coffee quality at the source, and on and on. Petty
bullshit don't move us forward. Terry's got a point that's pretty
relevant, Mark. If you're gonna give an award on a website that's as
widely read and respected as yours is, what are the disclaimers and
ground rules for selection up front. This is pretty important because
what you write has potentially significant impact on folks' bottom
lines since you are an acknowledged authority in these matters.
Transparency here is a very good idea and I think that is Terry's
concern. On the other hand, Mark, I recognize that it's your site and
your work (along with the folks who help you), and that you make policy
on your site.

Anyway, I think you all oughtta realize that our realm of coffee is a
whole lot smaller than Sarah Lee's and that we all oughta make nice,
get on with it and make the bar higher still.

-Greg "I'm honored as hell to be second to the GS-3 anyway but there
oughtta be a Dave Blaine award for this thread for Chrissakes. Merry
Christmas!!!!!" Scace