How much coffee has to go in LM double basket for Silvia ?

For my Rancilio Silvia I use the LM double basket, the "ridged" , not the ridgeless one. My 58 mm tamper fits perfectly in it. (When I lower the tamper in the empty basket, there is around 1mm space between the top of the tamper and the edge of the basket).
Until a few days ago I filled the basket to the rim and leveled it at that same height before tamping etc. However after reading the chapter on dosing in David Schomer's book again, I checked the basket after locking it and before brewing and there was a clear imprint of the screw and the edge of the screen. So I leveled it a little below the edge of the basket, just before the point where the screw imprint would appear, but now I see that my pucks are rather wet after brewing.
What would be the best way ? Leveling to the edge, having already a screw imprint before pulling or leveling a little bit lower, resulting in a rather wet puck ?
Thanks for your opinions.