Re: Gaggia without frothing gizmo?

Jim wrote:
Guy Snape wrote:

Is there a gaggia home machine with a decent sized steam wand instead of
those stupid froth enhancing things that no-one wants?

I'm getting EXCELLENT results from the "stupid froth enhancing things
that no-one wants." And it's a no-brainer, no surfing involved. The
trick for me was regulating the steam valve for the right pressure
levels. It's not the fastest frother, but it can produce a pitcher full
of microfoam and it's also very quiet (not that noise really matters to me).

Some people just use it without. The wand is not very long, so you'd
need a shorter pitcher. Or, I'm thinking you could extend it somehow
with a food grade high temperature flexible hose tight enough to hold
onto the existing short wand, and a new length of tubing to extend it.

I think my cheapo thermoblock machine has bitten the dust. :-(


- guy