Re: New version Silvia and pre-ground coffee

"pepper" <pepper@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Read the first part of my post, Marshall.
I did'nt want this to end up as another "go buy a grinder" thread like
yours and the 3000 others you refer to.

Maybe my question should've been;
Is it possible to deliver decent crema with pre-ground coffee on the
Rancilio Silvia?

If someone thinks this is possible, please let me know how and with
which modifications.

Virtually by definition, preground coffee is stale.. unless you JUST
preground it seconds ago. Besides tasting bad, stale coffee produces
far less crema than fresh. It is one of the ways that you can see that
coffee is stale before drinking it and then spitting it out into the
sink, hopefully. For me, the taste of stale coffee makes the floor as
good of a target as the sink.

A crema-enhancing portafilter is one way to get "crema" out of Silvia,
but you notice that there is not one available. There is a good reason
for that. Most who purchase a Silvia are serious about espresso and
wouldn't dream of purposely using stale coffee in it and then
artificially enhancing it to make the espresso appear fresh. It's sort
of like: if you are really desperate, living in the wilds of the
Canadian Northlands for the last year or two, an inflatable female
pleasure device may suffice, but if the genuine article is available
the air pump stays in the closet.

Even if you live next door to a coffee shop that will pregrind a pound
at a time for you, and even if they somehow get the grind right for
today, the grind may not be right for tomorrow, and by the third day
it won't matter because the coffee was stale on day two from being
ground, exposed to the air, and allowed to sit around before use.

So no, it's not possible to get quality crema with preground coffee.

Good espresso comes from freshly-roasted coffee, ground for use right
then and there. Anything else makes the purchase of a Silvia a waste
of money. As we have stated here some 300 times by your count, the
grinder is more important than the machine, and the best machine
available will make low-quality espresso if fed low quality coffee
that is either ground in a cheap grinder or is stale.

Get a grinder... ahh. make that 3001.

Randy "another decayed get-a-grinder post" G.