Re: An interesting observation, just by chance

"bernie" <bdigman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have always believed that blind tasting/cupping/comparison is the one
thing most feared by proponents of a particular method of making espresso,
espresso machine manufacturers and coffee brewer manufacturers. Not to
mention roaster manufacturers and roasters. The idea of an impartial panel
rating espresso machines or brewers strikes fear into the hearts of many.
I've proposed as much to the SCAA but since the machine manufacturers foot
much of the bill for the big show there was zero interest. Which I
understand. It would do a lot of folks a lot of good, I think, if there
were a mechanism to impartially rate espresso machines, brewers, roasters,
blends, etc that was valid and acceptable to the knowledgable majority. A
trade association such as the SCAA isn't the proper venue. But I digress.

this is exactly the logic behind the blind tasting "studies" that Jim
Schulman and myself have done over the last several years. Although I don't
think we could say that these tests were "definitive," we can certainly say
that the evidence points to their being no improvement in shots when one
"upgrades" from a vibratory pump machine to a rotary, and that in fact some
rotary implimentations which lack preinfusion (such as my Cimbali) actually
may produce inferior results, unless one introduces pre-infusion by other
means such as with a delay timer.

We are contemplating a simple study of paired shots comparing previously
frozen to never frozen beans. Stay tuned.