Re: OOPS! - Cleaning Rocky...

"normstar" <anorman74@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I had a horrible brainfart while cleaning out my Rocky... I was using a
can of compressed air to blow out the grinds out of the chute, and I
subconciously turned the can upside down to get a better spray in
there. For a brief second it shot out that ultra-cold liquid in the
can - could I have possibly damaged my grinder? From what I can see
they are all metal parts inside and should not have been affected by
the brief exposer to the cold liquid. Anyone have thoughts on that?
Well, besides calling me a dufus that is! thanks...

There is a pretty good mass of metal in there so I am sure that it was
able to absorb that blast of cold liquid with no difficulty

I really like then little icon on the back of the Falcon Brand
Dust-Off can that shows a man with the spray tube in his ear, the
image covered by a red circle with a red slash through it!

If we refer to those visual warnings, it is not OK to use it to clean
ear wax, it is not meant to be used to dry off your teeth, but by
omission it seems that it is OK to use the clean grinders. ;-)

Randy "not for bodily orifi" G.