Re: Levetta on E61 flips to middle position by itself?

Hi Dan,

There are a couple of problems with it. Firstly, whilst it may be good to
be able to exercise the choice to have the lever in the middle position, I
don't have that choice if the lever flips to the middle of its own accord.
Secondly, and more importantly the lever has, on occasions, flipped far
enough to engage the pump.

Gary, You might have a leaking seal causing backpressure to act upon one of the pistons, thereby moving the cam, and then the lever. Or, there is nothing wrong at all except that you need to adjust the timing on you pump switch (activated by the cam on the back of the lever). If so, loosen the switch's front panel nut a turn or two and tighten the one inside. This will move the switch backwards, delaying its engagement. Of course, unplug the machine first. Dan