Re: Coffee berries - edible?

Quoth "Coffee for Connoisseurs" <alanfrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
| Coffee cherries are indeed edible; the pulp is similar in flavour, sweetness
| and acidity to feijoa, the skins can be dried and made into an infusion
| (qishr) and the seeds... well, we all know about those. It has long been a
| mystery to me that coffee processers don't recover the semi fermented pulp
| removed during wet processing and ferment it all the way out into alcohol.
| The stink of a wet mill during harvest always reminds me of a winery anyway.

Yeah! The tree in my office has about a dozen cherries, too few to
brew but I'm looking forward to a taste if they ever ripen. Maybe
then I'll know why no wine. But the Yemeni coffee growers are said
to think it's great stuff, and it's hard to believe there isn't some
potential in it somewhere.

| Eating a coffee cherry or two is a good way to determine ripeness; when it
| tastes right, it's ready to harvest.

But that's 1/12 of my harvest, and it doesn't look like they're all on
the same schedule, so I think I'm going to have to go by color and feel.
Some time next spring, the way it's going.