Re: Sale on Zach & Dani's roaster

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Ross) wrote:

Marshall <mrfuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

| >| Think Bernie Digman and North Sullivan. If half the U.S. population
| >| isn't within a half hour of one of these sources, I'll drink a can of
| >| Folgers.
| >
| >If I'm wrong, I'll drink a jar of Taster's Choice. Your assertion, your
| >burden of proof, counselor!
| >
| >- David R.
| That's silly. I can't "prove" what I said.

Then your offer was vacuous?

No. It was a figure of speech.

| The market area for roasters may be much wider than you realize. Zoka
| sells in Southern California. Intelligentsia sells in Detroit and
| Boston. Gimme sells all over the Northeast. (just to name a vert few
| of many).

I am well aware of retail outlets like this. My experience with those I've
tried (for Intelly, Metropolis, Batdorf&Bronson, Vivace, among others) has
been mixed at best w/r to freshness. Moreover, they hardly cover so much of
the country that most people can easily frequent them. This is a big huge
country (I drove across it twice this year), and as I quantified, the
overwhelming majority of the population is far outside of metropolitan

Now that's an assertion I'd like to see proven. Especially with the
"overwhelming" and "far" thrown in, you'll be in Taster's Choice for a
year, David!