Re: Automatic or Semi-Automatic???

You might consider going to a trade show. This was a big eye opener
for me, as well as a great place to make contacts. The next one I know
of is Coffee Fest in Seattle on October 27-29, 2006. you can check out
the web site at

There are all sorts of free and pay seminars on everything from how to
make great espresso to how to open and run a successful coffee
business. Plus you can see and demo all the latest machines and
equipment there first hand.

Definitely something to check out if you have the time.


Angel4JohnnyB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Okay, so basically what I got out of those two posts is that:

#1 I know even less than I thought I did.........


#2 I know WAY less than I thought I did............

Thanks for the clarification on the maker types.......I just thought
more expensive and more automatic would be better.
I have NO experiance with coffee.......I don't even own a coffee pot as
far as I know. Hubby might have one hidden somewhere but I don't know
where......tells you how often we make coffee.
I will have to either take a class (online hopefully) or actually go to
WORK in an espresso shop (NONE AROUND HERE) to get some knowledge.

Yeah, I've read and re-read that the first thing is LOCATION, LOCATION,
We have our realtor looking as we speak but we plan to be right outside
a busy military installation. On the proper side of the road for easy
access of the early morning commute.
There are a good 10,000+ vehicles that go onto post between 5am and
11am..........some go through twice (if they go home to shower after
We know it's a good location, just have to find a peice for sale.

As for going into business with the spouse...(I laughed when I read
your post).....BUT, he is the money of the operation.....;)
He is also out of the country for the next 18+ months so it is MY WAY
or NO WAY.
He can like the way I do things or he can just deal with
it.........either way it's my baby and he understands that and just
supports me. He has opinions but that's about it, the real deal is up
to me. I'm the one doing all the real work where the shop is concerned.

I do have a book ordered. "ESPRESSO! Starting and Running Your Own
Specialty Coffee Business"
Hopefully it will give me some insite.

Okay, so I do understand that LOCATION is the first thing but I can't
buy property until I'm sure the county and state will allow me to run a
drive-thru shop........I can't get a business lic. until I've got a
location and am SURE we can open. I can't be sure I can open until I'm
sure I can afford to open.....I can't be sure I can afford to open if I
don't know what all I need and what all needs to be