Re: SCAA 2006 Charlotte Short Version

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 15:20:18 -0600, bernie <bdigman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wonderful experience, as usual. Volunteered for 3 roaster workshop station instructor sessions which
are a great way to learn while you are teaching. Did a session with Tim Chapladine and Paul Thornton
on green coffee contracts which is graduate level stuff. Joseph Riveras "Chemistry of Coffee" based
on the Kenya Riui11 and Kenya AA papers from '97 which is always great and always improved. An
Advanced Cupping session with Tim Chapladine which was also terrific. Sat across from Alvin from
Wallenford Estates. Wish Owen hand been there with his camera when we went to the fermented sample
as the look on Alvin's face was priceless. Was late to the Sat. pizza session but had a great time
and stayed up too late but it was worth every second. Sitting with Alan, Ted, Jill, Barry, June,
MaryAnn (my wife), Andy , Owen and others I can't remember is wonderful, wonderful stuff. Got to
meet Marshall which is a real treat. Missed seeing Bob Yellin but did have a banjo with me. Dang.
Got to see folks I'd met and worked with, roasted, cupped and imbibed with over the years which is
really a necessary thing for my part. Community. We all needs it. The floor seemed a little muted
and I'll ask the question in another thread. Spent more time than I normally would watching the
barista championships and Barry judging. Maybe it was me, maybe not, but all the folks I interacted
with seemed more collegial and welcoming than some times in the past. They have always been
good-hearted, but this year seemed more so. Maybe business is good, maybe times are uncertain, but
all the folks I dealt with seemed warm. Met way more folks from the RG boards that were nice to put
a face with and I enjoy that sort of thing. A good trip for us and thanks to all who were there.

I asked at Dean & DeLuca for an RC Cola and Moon Pie for you, but they
seened a little vague on the subject. Four days in Uptown Charlotte
made it pretty clear that this is no backwoods town.