Re: Coffee beans and rodents?

On 2006-01-09, Barry Jarrett <barry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> only if there's nothing else to eat.

Hmm, not sure if I feel like putting down some alternative food ;-)

> we did have one in the basement who apparently ate some roasted beans,
> as his favorite hangout was the espresso machine (it was winter).

I've seen references on some websites to coffee bags attacked by rats
on board ships, so it seems they're not above having a munch. I don't
know what kind of creature is in my loft but I suspect that rats are
around somewhere, they seem to get everywhere and I live out in the
country so I'd be surprised if there were none. There's signs of
small droppings up there, but all concentrated around one area so I
suspect there were bats above at some point.

I think I'll get my raccoon hat on, lay some floor traps and see what

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