Re: How Many Tablespoons in a Pound of Coffee?

Too many variables to say exactly so many per pound. Light roast is heavier
than dark roast. Fine grind will get more weight in the tablespoon than
coarse grind. Why not buy a pound, grind, scoop and report back in the name
of research?
Ed Needham
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"Craig Werner" <coffeebuff@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Greetings to the group.
> Is there a more or less standard response to the question of how many
> tablespoons one can expect to get out of a pound of ground coffee? Let's
> assume we're talking about coffee ground for a drip machine;. I know, of
> course, that this description admits to a wide range of grind finenesses,
> and I have also heard that a tablespoon is not a consistent measure;
> nevertheless, I can't help wondering if there is an acceptable answer to
> this question.
> Thanks for all help.
> Craig