Re: Is something wrong with my Fuji PXR3 PID (or did I something wrong ?)

Ted, just want to say that I look forward to reading your posts, which seem to be less frequent nowadays. You have something else to do besides posting on a.c?

I just want to point out that the above is actually related to the preparation of coffee. Socks everywhere are spinning in their graves (behind the dryer).

I found it very amusing to write that post because it was impenetrably jargonish. I briefly considered sending it via email rather than posting it on a.c, but I was too lazy to try. Then, after posting it, I hoped that fortune wouldn't read it 'cause it might get her in a foul mood.

ps: Andy, I wrote awhile ago when we returned from NY... you asked about Gimme! coffee. I hadn't heard back from you. I don't really trust not to be spam filtered so I want to repeat myself here... I'm so glad you talked Gimme! up to us non NYers. I had three doubles because they were so good! True, I was seeing into the infra-black there for awhile but the way I drive, no problem. Vision just clouds my judgement. Why, oh why can't more cafes do a topnotch job like this? They were producing some fine shots, and while I've had better, its only been a few times under specialized circumstances. This was delicious coffee and it was clear that they could bonk these out time after time, all day long.

I forwarded this to Kevin at Gimme, those guys deserve the praise.


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