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> >> >> >>
> >> >> >> Should one change the brewing pressure when one changes basket size
> >> >> >> i.e.
> >> >> >> one
> >> >> >> pressure for a single espresso and slightly more for a double
> >> >> >> espresso?
> >> >> >>
> >> >> > Change the grind. I use a coarser grind for single baskets.
> >> >> >
> >> >> > Rick
> >> >>
> >> >> Which, of course, is impossible to do in a professional environment.
> >> >
> >> > I wasn't aware that the OP was asking about a professional environment.
> >> >
> >> >> Which is why they make less holes in a single basket....
> >> >
> >> > I find the coarser grind is necessary to get a satisfactory single
> >> > despite the smaller total area of the holes in the single basket.
> >> >
> >> > Rick
> >>
> >> That's the ultimate answer.
> >> I find....
> >
> > I'm sure it's not "the ultimate answer", but perhaps you could explain
> > why using the grind that works fine for doubles on my machine chokes it
> > for singles?
> >
> > Rick
> The first thing that comes up is the amount of coffee.
> The coffee in the pf expands when getting wet. It needs room for expansion
> otherwise it chokes the flow.

I experimented to find the optimum dose for each basket I use. My
single basket requires 12 grams; my doubles 18 and 19 grams (they're
slightly different). Any more, and the PF is too full (using the
"nickel" test); any less and the shot is too fast. (My single basket is
larger than the average single, and my double baskets are larger than
average, too.)

Dosing is more critical with singles because just a gram too much or too
little coffee affects the headspace enough to make a sub-optimal shot.
Until I started weighing the dose, I couldn't get good singles
consistently. The size and shape of the basket is one reason for this.
While striking off the excess coffee level at the top of the basket
works fine for my doubles, it leaves the single basket too full. I no
longer need to weigh doses for my baskets because I can eyeball the dose
quite well.

Anyway, it's no hardship to change the grind when you're grinding for
one shot at a time, which I nearly always do.

> Try using less coffee and try using less pressure for tamping or just don't
> tamp but level with some force.

> This all goes for good evenly -consistently- grinded coffee. If not it will
> become concrete.

I'm using a decent grinder.

This is what I have found using *my* baskets on *my* machine. As I'm
sure you know, there is a large variety of baskets sold, with differing
ratios of total screen area to basket volume. There does not appear to
be any universal standard for baskets, so it's unlikely there's a
universal formula for getting great singles using the same grind as for

One clue about this is the high proportion of home baristas who say they
hate making singles and can't master them. Unlike many, I get
consistently good singles, and one of the reasons is that I'm using a
coarser grind.

Anyway, this is what "I find". YMMV.


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