Re: I-Roast profiles

I basically consider my 3 stages to be the following:

1. Warm Up. This is very important to get the beans from green to yellow.
You don't want to roast them here, just get rid of the moisture. It is very
important when roasting blends to help get all the beans somewhat even
before roasting them.

2. Jump the beans from dehydration directly to roasting. Don't mess around
with a slow ramp up to 1st crack at risk of baking the beans.

3. Finish the roast. If your I-Roast runs hot, you may want a lower
setting than #2, but I actually go a bit higher to make sure the roast
doesn't stall.

My I-Roast runs hot. In other words, I do stage 1 for 3:30 at 330 but the
onboard temp (at fan, not in chamber) reads 350. When I did stage 1 at 350,
I'd actually get into 1st crack just in that stage, because the on board
temp was showing 370 and I suspect the chamber was even hotter. So 330
works for me. I imagine 320 would be fine, too. Anyway, the beans get nice
and yellow, with some brown.

For stage 2, I generally use 390, which gives me on board reading of 405 or
410, and I tend to hit 1st crack after 2 and half minutes of this 3 minute

For stage 3, I generally use 410 (onboard 425, and likely chamber temp of
450 or higher, considering this is after the chaff collection of 1st crack,
so restricted airflow), and I get 2nd crack after about 90 seconds.

I chatted quite a bit with others on the Roast forum at coffeegeek, and a
lot of guys found they ended up after a lot of experimenting with a warm up
like mine followed by 380 (giving onboard temps around 390 but in chamber
temps in the mid 400s) for about 6 minutes until 2nd crack. That sounds
like my experience, as I don't think my 3rd stage setting matters -- the
beans are doing most of the roasting in 2nd stage and then it's so hot in
there that they're gonna' keep going. I don't seem to have much leeway. If
I set 2nd stage much lower, I did bake a few batches. If I set it any
higher, I hit 2nd crack after only 3 minutes. It's a short roast, I know,
but at least I'm happy with the product.