Re: Three questions you ask a barista

| > My rounds of the cafes this stay confirms what I've observed on past trips,
| > that the best espresso here is at Paradiso on Lincoln & Oregon.
| I only live a few blocks away, but I have been there a few times in
| the evening and it was smoky and the coffee was awful, so I never go
| there.

I think it is the last cafe in town that allows smoking - mainly an issue at

They use excellent beans from Intelligentsia, and most of the baristas do
seem to be fairly well trained, but possibly they lay on extra staff for the
busy times, and early in the Uni semester often means green staff.

| One thing I have noticed is that the crema I get on my machine is
| quite a bit darker than what I get at good coffee shops, including
| just now at Paradiso. I am getting a 2 oz. shot in 25-30 seconds, so I
| am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Well, it could just be the blend. Dark crema is not necessarily bad, in
fact most of the espresso I've liked best over the years had a very dark

| Shortly I intend to add the pressure mod to my Silvia, which could
| solve this. I am not sure it is a problem though. I like the taste
| of what I'm producing ...

If it is not a problem, then don't solve it!

- David R.
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