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"Richard Neidich" <rneidich@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I use Illy Beans from a tin.
It's not bad, but there are better, fresher blends available. Illy,
from my esperience as well as reports from others, stales very quickly
once opened and exposed to the air. I don't have reoasted espresso
around here that is more that about 6 to 8 days old. it makes a huge

>My burr grinder is a pasquini and it is only 1 year old. Never changed the
That should be fine and not teh source of problems. Try getting some
"Grindz" by Urnex and using it to clean the grinder- the stuff really
does work great, and I can taste the difference in the cup.

>My question is would a blend that has some robusto in it make more Crema?
Well, maybe. There is Robusta, and then there is Robusta. I think that
just looking for a blend with Robusta just to increase the crema is
not a good solution. The reason is that there is precious little
quality Robusta in the world, and a whole lot that is just plain
nasty. I think you problem lies more with getting soem quality,
fresh-roasted coffee blended for espresso and nt looking for a
"miracle bean" just to increase crema. I home-roast my own espresso
blend, and I get tons, of thick, long-lasting crema that is delicious
and I only use Arabica beans. Remember that it is entirely possible,
and quite easy, really, to make really bad espresso with gobs of thick

As I hinted at in my first reply, there are a lot of factors that go
into making quality espresso, and it can be done with 0% Robusta.

Randy "I don' need no stinkin' 'busta" G.


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