Re: any keurig lovers out there?

On 22 Aug 2005 19:47:04 -0700, haldolisgood@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

>i had my first encounter with a keurig maker while i was at my mercedes
>dealers waiting area getting my car washed. i am guessing this was
>about 4 years ago.
>i recently saw one in my friends house and just fell in love with it
>and realized how incredibly versatile and well suited it is for a
>couple with no kids.
>here is the best part...
>my wife drinks decaf and i love the regular stuff with caffeine. so,
>here lies the dilemma. do i drink decaf when she makes herself a cup
>OR do i go to the trouble of making a single cup for me as well?
>i opted for my wife making a little more decaf for me. plus, the
>loving wife she is, she brings me the cup wherever i am! :)
>with the keurig, i get regular and my wifes enjoys the decaf! the best
>of both worlds. only sucky thing is that since i make my own now, she
>doesnt bring my coffee to me anymore! :( oh well, she is still a great
>wife! :)
>question: where have you found to be the cheapest place for K-Cups? i
>like every variety except gloria jeans.

Welcome! No, we're not all jerks here. My impression from others'
reports is that the K-cups are the best of the current pod machines.
As you noted, the ability to quickly switch from regular to de-caff
may be the number one recommendation for pods. (In addition to being a
major step up for anyone who refuses to grind their own.).

Unfortunately, I don't know who's offering bargains on the K-cups.
But, you can probably figure it out for yourself with a Google search.