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On 5/11/2012 8:03 PM, AJL wrote:
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BTW I'm on a grandfathered plan (100 mins/$15 mo) with the overage
charged at 35 cents/min so it was more than a few buck mistake in my
case if it had not been forgiven...

Hmm, on Verizon's MVNO, 154 minutes/month would be $6.67/month ($80 per
year), taxes and fees included. I suspect that the $15/month you're
paying is more like $18/month, about 170% more per month for about 35%
fewer minutes. Each minute is 4¢, if you need more you refill your one
year $80 card early.

I take it then that you don't have a clue about the hang up problem?

It's happened to me several times actually.

So is the problem really just forgetting to push the end button? I
can't believe that after 15 years with Verizon this is the first time
I've ever done that. And why did it decide to arbitrarily hang itself
up after 106 mins? Why isn't Verizon technology smart enough to know
that the connection is gone? Heck my old technology POTS landline used
to scream bloody murder if I forgot to hang it up. But I have cable
landline now so not sure what it does, could be as dumb as Verizon I

Fortunately I'm not paying 15-35¢/minute when it does happen!

Overage could be priced at $10 a minute for all I care cause if I
never go over there's never a charge. This hiccup was an exception.
(And Verizon ate the charge.)

The grandfathered plans on Verizon are often no bargain.

YMMV. As I've said 15 years with the company and this is my first
problem. Before this the only contact I've had with Verizon is when I
go in every two years and get my 'free' phone. No hassle reloading
and/or recharging cards, keeping dates straight, checking websites, or
any of the other stuff I read here. Sure, maybe I could save $10 or so
per month by going through those hassles, but heck I could just give
up one soda a day and save $60/mo and that would be lots easier... ;)
Oh and even if I got 1000 mins/mo instead of 100/mo still no real
difference if I continue to average 30 min/mo. I repeat...YMMV.