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Again Larry, Efuse is a Motorola thing. Other Moto phones on other
carriers also have it.

It's NOT Verizon "hobbling" like you blather about...

Why should Motorola give a shit what you do with your phone after you buy it? The more the phones do, the more phones sell! It's in the manufacturer's interest to cram every kind of feature imaginable into the phone and have it work as easily and quickly as they can make it.

The CARRIERS, on the other hand, want the phone to MINIMIZE DATA USAGE as much as they can get away with to REDUCE COSTS. Motorola doesn't give a shit if it uses 5GB/day. They're not paying for data, Verizon is.

Sorry, it simply doesn't wash now any more than it did when the first CDMA tower lit up. Phone features are hobbled and shut down by the CARRIERS, not the manufacturers, to enhance revenue. It's simply about the money.

iPhone 4 is to cellular technology what the Titanic is to cruise ships.


See my answer to Larry's rant above.

"Gross generalizations"...... (with a bit of paranoia thrown in) .