Re: "Unauthorized charger" peeve

David Arnstein wrote:
For the most part, I have good experience with Motorola cell phones.
My complaint involves charging the battery. Some of these phones only
charge with a Motorola charger. I suspect that this is a ploy to sell
Motorola battery chargers.

Anyway, the most frustrating aspect is that I can physically connect
my notebook computer to my cell phone using a bog standard USB cable.
But then the phone displays the dreaded "unauthorized charger"

I would prefer not to pack a dedicated phone charger when I travel. Is
there a hack to allow me to charge my cell phone from my notebook? My
current cell phone is a W755.

Thanks for any suggestions.

If you install Motorola Phone Tools then the phone will charge from a USB port.


Or you can do some hardware hacking, see "";.

This one _may_ have the hack built in: