Re: Verizon Opens Up WiFi Access To Broadband Users!

I'm glad I don't do business with your bank, which I take it accepts credentials over an unencrypted connection.

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At least at places like Starbucks sniffing is
discouraged by the fact that you actually have to have an account and
log in.

That's just not true. ANY wifi ANYWHERE can easily be detected and
intercepted....if you're in range of its tiny transmitter.

Data on wifi is NOT encrypted in any way. All you need is a data logger to
intercept everything, then pick which transmitter you want to log.

Wifi isn't secure at all. I'd never send my bank account access over wifi.
That'd be crazy. It's why my netbook has a hard wire jack on it....

VoIP can be monitored:
Skype has 256-bit AES Encryption to prevent it.

The monitoring station does NOT have to have access to the wifi you're
connected to! He just monitors packets to/from your IP/MAC