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That's just silly, I've travelled all over the US before GPS's
even existed and never been lost. I don't travel as much now
but I still don't have GPS nor have I ever needed it. Of all
modern technology I consider that probably the most useless of
Actually, of all the technology that's come to market over the
past 20 years, car navigation is in the top two.

DVR is the other of the top two.

I'd disagree with both, I consider them useless.

If all you do is go to work and back and around town, navigation
is useless. But if you drive for business, especially to new
places, that's way different.

Done that for many years, never had or needed GPS nor can I
understand why anyone would although I admit there are people who
have the ability to get lost, turned around, not find where
they're going.

I will bet that you have never actually used a GPS.

Why would I?

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