Verizon Changes InPulse Plans--Unlimited Mobile Web for 99¢ per Day

I noticed that Verizon has changed their InPulse plans significantly. They are still very poor deals in terms of voice, but they now offer 99¢/day data on Mobile Web. If you can tether it's an even better deal.

$3.99/day (on days used): Unlimited Voice, 1¢ texts.
$1.99/day (on days used): 5¢ peak minutes, free M2M, free NW, 5¢ texts.
$0.99/day (on days used): 10¢ minutes, free M2M), no free NW, 10¢ texts.
$0.00/day: 25¢ minutes. No free M2M, no free NW. 20¢ texts.

$10/month for 250 text messages plus unlimited in-network texting
$20/month for unlimited texting.
Picture and Video Messaging - 25¢ per message
Mobile Web: 99¢/day (only on days used).

You can now get a $100 prepaid card that has a 365 day expiration, so the no-fee plan would have a minimum monthly cost of $8.33/month.

It's hard to imagine why anyone wanting service on the Verizon network would choose InPulse over PagePlus, unless they were big mobile web users. $100/year plus 99¢/day (on days used) for unlimited mobile web is a good deal, especially if you can figure out how to tether.