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I just bought a new laptop and want to get wireless Internet for it.

What's the cheapest way to do it?

I understand that I can use a VCAST phone as a modem. Is this true?

Yes, you can. It will cost $60/mo. By using your phone for this you
will not have to initiate yet another 1-2 yr contract for another
device (i.e a VZW USB Wireless Modem).


The list of phones is here.

"America?s most reliable high-speed wireless broadband network from
Verizon Wireless delivers fast data speeds and great performance, with
typical download speeds of 400 ? 700 Kbps and typical upload speeds of
60 ? 80Kbps."

This is a quote from that webpage. It's closer to reality than the
3Mbps speeds the fanbois always tell you. Directly tethered to a USB
port is faster than through bluetooth, ESPECIALLY if you have other
bluetooth devices like headsets running within 100' of you. Internet
crawls on bluetooth in a crowded restaurant from the interference.

Why Verizon charges DOUBLE for using a simple phone over a PDA is a
mystery. I suppose it's because the PDA is ALREADY paying through the
nose for its little 5GB/month, so you only need to pay half again as
much for the same 5GB/month you already had just to connect to a USB
cable....a real ripoff either way.

Is Cricket available in your city? Truly unlimited internet is only
$40/mo on Cricket through a USB modem plugged directly into your laptop.
It's only $35/mo if you have a Cricket phone plan. Cricket has very
limited areas, but if it will do the trick for you it's a great deal.
I'm using Cricket through a cellular router, making my car into a
hotspot for about 200' wherever I go. When the little modem has a
signal, in the Cricket coverage areas, it's very fast as there are few
data users on Cricket, which is mostly a cheap phone carrier. Their
system gets larger and larger every month.

They say they may throttle your service over 5GB/month, but last month
my usage was around 22GB and it ran as fast as ever all month. They're
just covering their ass in case the load increases so noone has a court
case. They've not complained of my usage at all and seem happy I'm a
customer....trying to get me to churn to their phone service.


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