Re: Update on cell phone in Europe (cross-posted)

Janet Wilder wrote:
Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

Here is a photo I took of them.

Would you believe that the little black "dongle" is for use with a wired headset (earphone and microphone)? This, and the headset, is a very good thing to have if you need/want to use the phone while you are driving. An even better idea is to pull over and stop if you must place a call or answer one!

Driving while holding a cellphone to your ear will cause police in many states to issue you a summons! Even where it's still legal, it's a really bad idea!

Which dongle? The one with the mouse-looking thing or the one with the male and female USB things?

I only got one with my phone! It's black plastic, about an inch long and has a miniature USB connector on the end of a two inch piece of cable which plugs into the phone, and on the other end from the cable, a miniature phone jack for the headset.