Re: Oh, oh...This is trouble...

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That's precisely what we used. If you stray more than a block
or two
off Main Street in Greenville, it's extremely spotty, at best.
times, you get nothing at all.

The cost of living in the boonies like a hermit, I suppose....

And loving every minute of it. My DSL and cellular coverage (both VZW
and Alltel) are great! I even have the choice of digital cable now,
not that I'd really consider it. But if the cancer of city congestion
gets much closer, I'll be looking to move further out.

I think the point of this strand of the thread is for each congested
metro area you can point to that has "excellent" (subjective) Wi-fi
coverage, I can point to 10 times as many urban areas where it does
not exist, and likely will not in your lifetime.