Re: Verizon stores ... bleeech!

On 2007-07-30 17:57:41 -0400, Steve Sobol <sjsobol@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:

On 2007-07-30, Proconsul <proconsul@xxxxxxx> wrote:

simply crushed.


See your doctor without delay - have your Lithium dosage adjusted......:)

Come on, PC; when I said I was quitting VZW because they decided not to fix
their dropped call problem in Victorville, CA, you decided to lecture me
becauses I was obviously an idiot for expecting good coverage in the middle
of the desert.

Of course, I wasn't complaining about coverage so much as I was about the
network beraking where previously it had worked fine. In fact, I pointed out
that I thought VZW's High Desert coverage was actually quite good. Yet you
chose to belittle me anyhow. :)

Sometimes your lectures are warranted. Sometimes they're completely off-topic.
And the comments like the one quoted above just make you sound like a complete

You seem to enjoy taking whacks at me for little or no reason - says more about you than it does about me......

Your assertions above in re what I may have said in conversation with you are less than accurate. Is that polite enough for you?.....:)

I've not "commented" on some of your posts that were flagrantly more "ass-like" than mine.

I decided to just not bother you - why not return the favor?....:)

The original poster has wasted about ten years worth of bandwidth on an insignificant trifle - as others have also pointed out. After quite a while; I decided to "call him", again as others had done.

This venue, like most others on Usenet is about 99% irrelevant - in this particular group it's more like 99.999999%

I'd appreciate useful info and technical talk - not this endless whining over nothing......accompanied by a very large dose of "attitude".....

Now, may I suggest again, respectfully - let's be friends and ignore one another....:)