Re: Verizon records cellular conversations

It sounds like the son might have used 3 way calling to call both phones.
Thus, one phone gets a voicemail message of the conversation on the other

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Nomen Nescio wrote :
I have two cellular phones (different phone numbers) on my Verizon
cellular account.

Yesterday, I got a routine call from my son (calling from a landline
phone) on one of these two cellular lines. It lasted about 2 minutes.

A few minutes later, that entire two-way conversation showed up as a
voicemail message on my second cellular line which beeped to tell me
that it had a voicemail message.

I can see how a software screwup on Verizon's part could route a
voicemail message intended for Line#1 to Line#2. But in this case there
was never ANY voicemail message in the first place, but a routine
cellular conversation. The only way it could have ended up as a
voicemail message is if Verizon recards all cellular conversations and
mishandled this particular recording.

Watch out.

From the title of your topic you imply that Verizon does this to every
phone call. I will wager that this was some kind of glitch in the
system and that Verizon does not record the billions of calls every

I suggest you take some legal action against Verizon and let us know
how you make out.