Signal Strength - Competing Cells - Constructive/Destructive Interference

I am trying to understand why I get such a variable signal (1 tower -
5 towers - 1 tower in the same 1-2 minutes) and so many dropped calls
on my LG VX3200. I'm otherwise very satisfied with the performance of
the phone and just purchased an extended battery for mine and my
wife's to extend their working lifetime.

Yesterday I did a bit of experimentation and walked through the
neighborhood. I saw 5 tower signal strength everywhere I checked. I
walked across the street to the end of my driveway and the signal
plummeted to 1 tower and began to fluctuate. This is 20' from the
nearest part of the house.

As I stood there I thought about how the signal can be seen as
wavelike. There must be points near the border between two cell towers
where the competing signals engage in constructive and destructive
interference. Verizon can claim that they have the space covered with
a strong signal (which I saw as I walked through the neighborhood) but
I can experience the drifting of signal strength as a result of 2
competing cells.

Does this analysis make sense?

If the phone can measure signal strength, it would seem as though it
would be easy to construct a device which measures signal strength and
stores it on a flash memory card for download to Excel. Are such
devices made? It would seem that it would be in Verizon's interest to
be able to loan such a device to a subscriber to place at various
points in the service area to gather data on the quality of the

Any comments?