Re: KRZR K1 intermittent volume w/headset

On 10 Mar 2007 12:40:33 -0800, lane.denicola@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

My spouse has been using her new KRZR with a Radio Shack headset (via
a mini-USB adapter). Since she got the phone (about 2 months ago),
this combination has caused the volume to be intermittent, so that
usually it's fine, but once or twice during any call of more than five
minutes or so it will suddenly drop to barely audible or silent.
Initially we suspected the cord was intermittent, but a little testing
seems to indicate it will do the same thing even keeping the phone,
cord, and headset motionless.

We haven't yet had any software or other updates of any kind performed
(software ver: 24.1_00.25.06; PRL ver: 50722). Anyone had similar
problems? Figured out any solutions?

Does that unit have an auto sound level feature? Seems I recall some
models would adjust the phone volume in response to the background
noise around you. If so, turn that feature off.