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I keep saying this, but imagine -- imagine the state of retail
sales in this
country if every vendor operated that inefficiently. Somehow
Verizon is able
to do it and stay in business.

With all due respect, after all that, you still ordered the phone.

THAT'S why they're still in business! <g>


Not exactly, it's the $170 termination fee. IMO since these cell
companies are quasi-monopolies, the FCC or FTC should step in and
order them to work out a way to eliminate these confiscatory charges
and somehow recoup their losses on a phone.

Actually they stay in business with the bells and wistles not the phones. It's the HP printer philosopy. Give away the printer and charge like hell for the ink. In this case it is a deeply discounted phone then the Vcast and Web and roaming and over minute air time.
Cellular phone companies are no where near a monopoly. In any major metro area you have 3 or 4 choices. Guess what, they are all the same. The FCC regulates their airwave use and ths FTC isn't going to step in to fix someones price structure unless it is for a non luxury item. i.e. milk.
Tech support for any company is a cost center not a profit center. It's how cheaply can we run it without losing too many customers. Phone sales are probably such a small precentage of their income that they don't plow alot of money into it.
The world is not the way we want it. It is the way it is.

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